About us

Everything you need to know about our Institution

NIBF is owned by GEM Learning Services Pvt. Ltd. an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization, catering to the entire spectrum of Talent Services (Talent Acquisition, Filtration, Assessment, Training and On-Boarding). It is an initiative from experienced finance industry professionals and renowned educationists, with a vision to create Employable students to become Day Zero professionals for the Corporate for fulfilling the industry performance gaps acknowledging the need and the opportunity of the current era.

NIBF is a Venture with a vision to create a hub of excellence in the field of Banking, Financial Services and Insurance education in order to fulfill the industry, business requirements and acknowledging the need of the times.

As India moves progressively towards becoming a ‘Knowledge economy’ it becomes increasingly important to focus on advancement of skills. NIBF wishes to bring about a paradigm change in handling of ‘Skill Development’ programmes and initiatives in the field of BFSI Sector.

NIBF was founded to provide professional education, skill development and training in the area of Banking & Financial Services that is inclusive & shall help individuals to be certified, competent and knowledgeable in their area of practice. Under its unique training methodology called E2E (Education to Employability) it offers exciting training and skill building programs for individuals & corporate customers in Banking, Insurance and Financial Services. NIBF has the mission to impart Experience based Practical Education, and act as an Industry Academia Interface by preparing Day Zero Ready Professionals for the Industry, at the same time empowering students to develop the desired skill sets so that they can cope with the challenging Business environment to become productive and successful.

At NIBF we are driven by a single purpose – "to offer a learning experience that will create Day Zero Ready professionals for the BFSI Industry."